IGNITOR delivers enriched textbooks from multiple
publishers embedded with rich media, interactive
quizzes and weblinks.

Mobile Learning Environment
The mobile learning environment provides a rich set of productivity tools that helps the student to generate his/her study plan and keep track of the progress with usage analysis.
Interactive Textbook Reader
Textbook functionality which supports pdf, epub2, epub3, and LivePage textbooks with in-built quizzes and full annotation like free pen highlighting and note taking.
Multi Publisher Textbook Catalog
All your prescribed textbooks from the leading publishers available in rich interactive format.
Author Content
Easy tools for teachers to create rich "mobile ready" content that can easily be shared with students.

Integrated Formative Assessment System

A complete assessment engine which covers 3Cs of assessment lifecycle viz. creation, consumption and correction. To add a fourth C we also provide “Comparison” of assessments to track students’ progress.
Best of all is that students don’t need always-on internet connectivity in the classroom to take these proctored assessments. Multiple types of assessment question like Multiple Choice, Drag-n-Drop, True/False, Match the following and Fill in the blanks. An exhaustive assessment engine which tracks learning objectives aligned with Bloom's taxonomy.

Internet Independent Content Delivery And Usage

Server down, net downtime, out of coverage area. We got everything covered with our unique


Asynchoronous Offering
No need to connect to internet

24 x 7

Now students can access their content literary



Deliver On Micro SD Card

Deliver On USB Device

Deliver From Cloud

Deliver From On Premise Server
Allows heavy duty content in gigabytes to be distributed to students on devices through sideload, download or on-premise server
Digital Rights Management (DRM). Content can be downloaded by chapter, asset with an ability for the teacher to lock/unlock content dynamically.


Being anywhere doesnot mean students are away from their teachers. With IGNITOR they can ask a doubt anytime from the teacher.They can even hold healthy discussions with their peers.

Dynamic Content Publishing

Now teacher can push the content on the
student's devices anytime. That content
can be a small quiz that teacher can
generate using our QuickTest app or
could be any other resource
that teacher finds useful.
IGNITOR app is fully integrated
with IGNITOR cloud course delivery engine.

Learning Analytics

The learning environment track reading patterns and learning habits. This data integrated with result provide for deep insights into each student's areas of improvement. This feedback to the teacher, parent enables for better personalisation of education for each individual's needs.

Controlled Access And Mobile Device Management

Worried about students accessing inappropriate content?
No problem, We address this issue as well
We provide device management tool with IGNITOR so that institution can keep a check on what students are accessing and restrict what apps or websites they can access

Centralized command and control panel for the educational institute to manage devices and provision content in on campus
We support institution to do BYOD or Limited BYOD and classroom management.